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ML161 greatly improves kidney function in a mouse model of diabetic kidney disease

Drs. Shrey Kohli, Berend Isermann, and team report in Nature Communications that the PAR1-targeting parmodulin ML161 (aka Parmodulin 2) and the clinical protein 3K3A-APC both reverse renal “hyperglycemic memory” in cell and mouse models of diabetic kidney disease. Notably, kidney function was greatly improved in diabetic mice lacking insulin production when ML161 or 3K3A-APC were dosed with the SGLT2 inhibitor dapagliflozin (Farxiga®). The team also identified a potential biomarker (urinary p21) that could indicate patients that may particularly benefit from a novel PAR1-targeting therapy. Function Therapeutics is pleased to collaborate with the Isermann lab to study these new approaches to the treatment of kidney disease.


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